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    "Bam Auto" - is one of the largest companies in Moldova that offers rental and sales of premium and economy class cars, as well as various events and VIP delegations limousine rental services. In seven years of activity, we have gained a reputation of reliable partners and have established some long term and lasting relationships with our customers! 


    Many people can not imagine thier life without a car. It offers prestige, mobility and comfort. But what can you do when there is no possibility to use your own car? The best option is renting a car from the company "Bam Auto"! We provide the highest quality services to our customers. "Bam Auto" has a large arsenal of cars - more than 50 models with manual or automatic gearbox. Because we have our own car service, we can ensure the safety and ideal roadworthiness of our cars.  Our "oldest” car was registered in year 2009. The renting term of a car could be from a day to several months. The company "Bam Auto» is running a free shuttle to / from the Airport for the service "rent a car".

    • The cost of the rent depends on the car's brand and the lease terms and conditions. It also varies wherther you need a personal driver's secvices or not. We offer some special rates for corporate clients. The payment is made in cash or by transfer if needed.


     "Bam Auto» is the leader in selling new and used U.S. cars on Moldavian market, which are well known by their high technical and low price characteristics. They are also famous for their high level of security and comfortability. The standard supplementing of the  U.S. vehicles is much richer than of European ones.

    "Bam Auto» - is a subsidiary of "Riley motors" company in the U.S., which offers the possibility to buy cars without intermediaries, directly from all car auctions in America. We offer the entire spectrum of Services to our clients - from finding and purchasing new or used vehicles from U.S., to the safe delivery to Moldova buyer. The main advantage of our collaboration with "Riley motors"is that all the auction purchased cars, are going through a rigorous control of the body and the technical condition.

    We provide the vehicle delivery within 30 days from its purchasing. The purchase process is performed after the prior payment of 15-20% of the total amount. The rest of the sum is paied at the time of the car clearance. "Bam Auto» guarantees the lowest price for a car, in the price-quality report in Moldova.

    If you want to buy a car but do not have enough financial resources, "Bam Auto" can help you in solving this problem. We can exchange it for your old car, find a convenient leasing company, or  offer you the opportunity to buy it on installments, without any interest.


    Wedding is an "exclusive" high class event "and everything must be at the highest level on this day, including cars.  You will look very elegant in a Chrysler 300С white / black Suite VIP class, the same model cars, decorated with a fine taste and style cortej. The other option could be the legendary Chrysler PT Cruiser retro style, a compact cabriolet , one of  the most popular bride's car in the world!

    "Bam Auto" has a large number of high class cars. Six Chrysler 300С model limousines . We will easily find an identical vehicle to the one chosen by you, if any unforeseen situations accurs, in order to make your event ideal. You can always order a jeep, a sportscar and a van, rent a "hammer", cabriolet or a vintage car from us.

    A festive decorated car with a driver, with a full tank of petrol will be waiting for you in front of your house.

    We operate on on the entire territory of Moldova and even abroad.

    You receive a considerable discount when ordering more than one car . In this way, if you order a cortej of 2 vehicles – you get a 10% discount, 3 cars - 15%, etc. However, it is necessary to make reservations for a specific date, in advance.