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  • Automobile rental 

    Auto rental in Chisinau is a good opportunity for free movement, if you are in the city on important matters, or if you are planning a wedding event, or maybe you are going on a vacation with the whole family. At any time of the day you can leave a request for a car rental in Moldova of any brand or you can apply for the rental of wedding cars.

    Renting a wedding car is an interesting process and responsible! We will not only help you find a good one, but also elegantly decorate your chosen car.

    Our company offers the best conditions - profitable car rental in Moldova, prices for which vary from 18 euros per day. We provide our customers with European service, and the design of the machines is carried out based on the preferences of our customers! If you are interested in renting a limousine in Chisinau or renting economy class cars, contact us right now and you can pick up the chosen car in the near future!

    We offer not only the design of a car rental, but also provide services for the selection and sale of foreign cars with mileage at prices of RM. You have a good opportunity to choose any car from the catalogue or place an order for an interesting model. Delivery of cars from the United States is guaranteed to be made within 30 days.